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Bombom Cuff Bracelet in Tanzanite

Bombom Cuff Bracelet in Tanzanite

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Looking for a standout accessory that will take your style to the next level? Look no further than this stunning cuff bracelet in tanzanite!

Crafted from rough stone tanzanite and plated in gold for a luxe finish, this bracelet features a hammered effect for a touch of edgy appeal. But that's not all – tanzanite is also believed to stimulate intuition and perception, making it a great stone to wear when you need a calming presence. Plus, some say it can even help detoxify the body and improve vitality!

So why wait? Add this beautiful cuff bracelet to your jewelry collection today and start feeling the benefits of tanzanite!


  • Tanzanite: healing, calming energy, stress relief, health.
  • Copper gold plated 
  • Natural Stones so each piece is different in colour and they are all different 
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