BombomBijouxByYou Launching Box

BombomBijouxByYou Launching Box

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Join the party live on instagram with our partners designing this collection Flow, CarolPriscila, Birgith, Kristina, Ashley, Cynthia, Valentina, Marisol, and Nicole happening December 1, 2020 live on our instagram 

What's inside

Every Box includes 4 local products. You can chose the price range that suits you best, the only thing that changes is the jewelry item. There are no bad options, we promise.

1 piece of jewellery from our #bombombijouxbyyou collection, made with recycled materials, in Geneva. You have to wear it to get in the vibe during the live event.

1 face masks handmade in Stonia from natural linen (outer layer) and cotton (inner layer), because we all need to stay safe. 

1 Surprise Sweet

1 drink by Paido Soda which is a new low-calorie soft drink with just 20 calories per 100 ml. Anyone who loves raspberry flavour will love Paido Soda Raspberry. The low calorie drink provides the body with important nutrients and is rich in vitamins B6 and B12.!!!

To arrive by December 1, 2020

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